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Our PG System was short listed for Demonstration at CBSE HQ, Delhi

CBSE CCE  “Statement of Subject wise Performance ” Utility PG


FA1 Marks & Grade List
FA2 Marks & Grade List
SA1 Marks & Grade List
I-Term Marks & Grade List
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FA4 Marks & Grade List
SA2 Marks & Grade List
II-Term Marks & Grade List
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To Place Order You have to fill and send order form via mail to us, with your school Logo and other details.

(for Demo through Team Viewer  over the internet, please mail or SMS us with your contact no.) 

Our PG Systems  are Single stop solution - To Prepare  Performance Profile  (CCE PERFORMANCE PROFILE) and ready to use Evidence of assessment (EAs) format, To maintain Record Register, To Boost teacher productivity and free up more time. PG will help you to maintain scholastic and co-scholastic area register/records for an academic year as per the new CCE system. 

          Salient features of the PGS (for 9th & 10th)

1.      Easy to use, self-explanatory and anyone can do work with it.

2.      Computer experts help or expertise not required.

3.      Installation / setup not required, download, unzip, open and use.

4.    Your Class teachers can do data entry independently at home or in computer lab. 

5.    PG needs only three steps to prepare Performance profile (Report Card) of the students.


1. Entry or copy and paste of Students particular.

2. Marks Entry of various assessments

3. Entry of selected Code no for Descriptive Indicators (between1 to 200)


6.    You can take printouts of the following documents as per the suggested format for verification by Monitor / Mentor.

a.     Report Books / Achievement Record and as per the suggested Format

b.     Record for Certificate of School-Based Assessment as per the suggested format

c.      Green sheet, EAs,

d.     Consolidated marks Register of every section/class.

e.     Result Register,

f.       Individual Student Assessment Form (anecdotal records)

g.     Cumulative Marks Register

h.     Rating scales and BMI


7.    About 1500 Sample Descriptive Indicators are inbuilt which you can edit as per your need. (you can write real-time/actual DI for each students)

8.    Due to easy backup method, you will never loss your data on computer failure/crash.

9.    Option to Print Report Card on A4 size sheet (front and back printing or one side) or A3 size sheet.

10.       Ready to use Marks and Grade for CBSE Excel files.

11.     Ready to use "total Grade Points" achieved under Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities to upgrade grades in scholastic area.

To Place Order You have to fill and send order form via mail to us, with your school Logo and other details.

(for Demo through Team Viewer  over the internet, please mail or SMS us with your contact no.) 


Plan and try PGS/PGM/PGP/PGH systems form next session. 


Introductory offer price for CCE Examination systems are as

PGS                     for 9-10 is Rs 5900/- (MRP is Rs. 12000/-).

PGM                           for 6-8 is Rs. 5900/- (MRP is Rs. 12000/-).

PGP (FA&SA)             for 1 to 5 is Rs. 4500/-  (MRP is Rs. 10000/- for each). 

PGP (III Term)          for 1 to 5 is Rs. 4500/-  (MRP is Rs. 10000/- for each). 

PGH                            for 11-12 is Rs. 4500/-  (MRP is Rs. 10000/-  for each). 

COMBO PACK-I      (PGS, PGM & PGP) Rs. 15000/-
COMBO PACK-II     (PGS, PGM, PGP & PGH) Rs. 18000/-



Please send order form with payment :

You may send payment as given below or send a Wire Transfer to our bank account.

(1 ) State Bank of India Bank Account
Beneficiary Name  :    Newmake Infosys
Account No.          :    .  00000053021691546                      

Branch                   :   

State Bank of  India, Ambedkar Road, Neemuch (M.P.) (Before 26/08/10 it was State Bank of Indore) IFSC Code: SBIN 30399

(2)  Send us a Demand Draft  payable at Neemuch, M.P., India for the chosen amount in Indian Rupees and send it along with your  School Name and address along with all details to us according to the below details:
Name on the DD/Cheque: 

"Newmake Infosys" payable at Neemuch

Mailing address : 

36, Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar,

Neemuch-458441,  (M.P.)India
Mob. No. 09425106305, 09425106306

                 08989128404, 09752766502

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