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PGP CCE profile Generator FA and SA Based.
Easy to use PGP CCE profile Generator FA and SA Based.
Our PG Report Card Systems are Single stop solution - To Prepare  Performance Profile, To maintain Record Register, To Boost teacher productivity and free up more time. PG will help you to maintain scholastic and co-scholastic area register/records for an academic year as per the CCE system. Salient features of the PG Utility 1. Easy to use, self-explanatory.
2. Computer experts help or expertise not required.
3. Download, unzip, open and use.
4. Class teachers can do data entry independently at home or in computer lab.
5. Printouts of the following documents for School Record.
a. Report Books as per Formative and Summative Assessment
c. Consolidated marks Register.

Report Card outputs from PGP Utility
(for CBSE CCE Grading System based on FA and SA assessment)
For First term
Bootstrap Thumbnail Second For Final Assessment
Bootstrap Thumbnail Second