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CBSE Remodeled assessment system
effective from the Academic session 2017-18
Easy to use and as per the latest CBSE Notification-2017
PG Report card Systems for 2017-18
PG will help you to maintain scholastic and co-scholastic area register/records for an academic year as per the Remodeled assessment system of CBSEeffective from 2017-18. 1. Printouts of the following documents for School Record.
a. Periodic Test, Notebook Submission and Subject Enrichment Activity record.
b. Consolidated marks Register etc.

Sample record sheets of various assessments
Students list Final Mark List Periodic Test-1 Final Mark List Periodic Test-2 Final Mark List Periodic Test-3 Final Best of two PT average mark list Final NoteBook Submission Mark List Final Subject Enrichment Activity Mark list Final Annual Exam and internal Mark List Final Final Mark List with grade Final Green sheet subject wise Mark List Final Co-scholastic Grade List Final